[themedy_columns structure=”50|50″][themedy_col position=”a”]Refresh your scuba skills with PADI Reactivate[/themedy_col][themedy_col position=”b”] Get back in the water with PADI ReActivate. Haven’t been in the water for a while ? Fell a little rusty on your scuba skills ? Then make a great resolution and get back underwater with the PADI ReActivate program.  This program covers and refreshes your academics skills and dive theory as well as your underwater diving skills.[/themedy_col][/themedy_columns]

First part is to sign up online using the link above on the image. This will lead you to the PADI website where you can purchase your academic section of the PADI ReActivate program . This program will be downloadable onto your tablet or phone and offers you refresh reference material to keep. It covers all of the basics of scuba including the basic scuba skills. On completion of that, when you arrive at Oceans Unlimited we will head to the pool and complete a confined water session. working on all of your skills and perform a complete safety review. Having completed your pool skills you will be ready and prepared to jump back in the water, so get started today!

Contact us today to start your PADI ReActivate program and get back underwater!

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  1. Hi there! I am PADI certified, but haven’t gone diving in several years, so I’d like to do the ReActivate course before diving in mid-January. I live closeby in Uvita, so I can schedule it at any time. Thanks so much!

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