Learn to Scuba Dive Today

If you want to see the beauty of what diving in Costa Rica’s tropical water has to offer without immediately committing to a certification course, then enroll in this program” and “Learn today, Dive Today” with Oceans Unlimited. This experience can be conducted over one afternoon and the following morning or 3/4 day and requires no previous diving experience.

What does a discover scuba diving experience involve ?

You will first watch a short DVD explaining dive basics, techniques and theory, then review the most important points with a PADI Professional, who will also answer any questions you may have. Then, under the direct supervision of a PADI professional you will discover how easy it is to use scuba in a pool and practice some basic skills. After that, when you are comfortable, you will then move on to do 2 oceans dives in the Manual Antonio National Park!!

If you have any relatives or friends that are certified they can dive with you or, you could combine this experience with a trip to Cano Island.

General Information

  • Duration 3/4 day
  • Minimum age of 10 years
  • Discover Scuba Diving skills may be credited towards an open water certification
  • All equipment and training inluded
  • Prices start at $159 for a discover scuba in Manuel Antonio

Did you know ?

Your discover scuba experience can be credited towards your open water certification

Before you get started you will need to fill out the DSD medical release form. If you have any doubts about the form we have one here for you to look over and check before you arrive. Any questions please let us know.
DSD medical release form