Resort Operations Program

Here at Oceans Unlimited in Costa Rica we believe strongly in preparing our students for the real world of scuba diving. Part of this is expanding our training into many areas around the dive resort that conventional courses don’t cover. We have created our own program here, approved by PADI for certification in these areas, so arming our pro level students with all the necessary skills they need for a full career in scuba diving.
There are four sections to this program which can be taken as a single course or combined with the others for a full program.

Dive Resort Operations

This looks at the Dive resort marketing, Organization and running of day to day activities, a section of general coral reef ecology and remote dive accident management.

Dive Equipment Management

This looks at general dive equipment management. With sections on equipment servicing, compressor operations and boat handling.

DSAT Gas Blender

This certification qualifies a diver to blend enriched air gases. It looks at safety aspects and hazards as well as the practical aspect of blending.

Visual Inspection Certification

This certification is affiliated with Cylinder Training services and SDI/TDI. It looks at all practical aspects of visually inspecting scuba tanks and certifies you for three years.