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Divemaster Internship

If you are looking to gain more experience as a Divemaster and want to dedicate at least 2 months to  hands on training as a professional Divemaster, this internship is for you!

You will spend 2 months training in all areas of a working dive center, along side PADI Instructors at our PADI Five Star IDC Dive Center whilst you complete your PADI Divemaster training.
Working as part of our team of Dive Professionals, you can gain real hands on experience in areas such as dive center logistics, tank filling and equipment maintenance. Also PADI Programs, supervising and assisting certified divers and dive crew skills. You will also gain valuable experience working with  customers from all around the world and seeing how a real working dive resort runs. During this time you will also be diving nearly everyday and having a great time whilst doing so!

divemaster internshipThis PADI Divemaster internship gives you a reduced price for your training, but only serious candidates will have the opportunity to take part as you must decicate at least 2 months to your training and work experience. It also includes for FREE, some additional training both in Coral Reef consevation and Scuba equipment care.

General Divemaster course information:
Through your divemaster course you will have to complete the following sections

Knowledge Development: 9 topics ranging from dive theory to assisting student divers in training.

5 Waterskills Excercises including a 400m swim, 800m snorkel swim, float and equipment exchange exercise.    See a video of the divemaster equipment exchange

A diver rescue assessment

A skill circuit, where you will practice demonstrating 24 skills for future classes

A Practical application section including a deep dive scenario, search and recovery scenario, mapping project and dive briefing practice.

Divemaster conducted programs section, which includes 5 workshops where you will practice organizing and conducting different programs including scuba review, skin diver course, discover scuba diving and discover local diving.

Your internship, where you will be diving most days, assisting both certified divers and students and learning how to become a certified assistant.

All this and more when you come and join the team at Go Pro Costa Rica to complete your PADI Divemaster program!
Working in Costa Rica to complete your PADI Divemaster is a fantastic experience so come and live the dream with us here at Go Pro Costa Rica!

If you are thinking about continuing on with your dive professional training after your divemaster internship then this is also a  fantastic way to prepare for the  Instructor Development Course

Great savings are also available including free meals with some accommodation packages as well as savings with equipment packages!
There are only a limited number of spaces for the work exchange program each month so sign up soon!
Please contact us for more details

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