padi idc program

Prepping for your PADI Instructor program

With a PADI scuba instructor program (PADI IDC) starting on Sunday, everyone is starting to get ready and finish their last minute preparation. But the question is, what is actually a good thing to prepare before a scuba instructor program. This is a big step, in your scuba career and the two week program, that is the PADI IDC can be a stressful thing to go through. I have outlined below, what I feel is a good check list of things to get ready before you start out on you PADI IDC. 

Theory Preparation

Your dive theory is an essential part of your IDC. YOU need to be familiar with the 5 subjects which are physics, physiology, dive equipment, skills and environment and the RDP.  There is a great book called the diving knowledge workbook that you can complete and then if you have any additional problems approach your staff instructors, they will be able to clarify anything you need.  The more comfortable you are with these topics the less stressful your PADI IDC will be, trust me.

General Standards Review

Using your instructor manual you can get a good head start. You have a standards exam during your PADI IDC and at the instructors examination so it is a great time to get super familiar with the core material and standards. Refresh your course standards and make your way through the instructor manual. More than anything you need to be familiar with where to find everything in the manual so if needed make some highlights, put some tags in. As long as you understand it you are all good. 

idc crew pack

Polish your dive skills

During your instructor program you will be demonstarting skills from your open water program and your rescue program, even your advanced open water. So, before you get started, why not jump into confined water and get refreshed. You can sort out your weighting, equipment configuration and get comfortable with all of your underwater skill sets before the program has begun.

And finally most importantly, go diving. Before you get buried into all of that book work and fun (and stress!) go out scuba diving. Remember the reason why you're doing it in the first place. Have fun!!!