Lets get Certified!

Part 2 – Confined Water training

Once you have completed your academic sections using one of our three options it’s time to get wet! To complete your confined water training you will head into the pool and complete 5 confined water dives. During these 5 dives you will practice and repeat a number of scuba skills to prepare you for the open water.

  • Mask and regulator clearing
  • Mask Removal
  • Deep Water entry techniques
  • Neutral Buoyancy techniques
  • Alternate air source use

Your confined water dives can be combined into one or two sessions and can take from 3/4 day onwards depending on the size of the class and what works for you.


Part 3 – Open water Dives

The final part of your open water course is your four open water dives. These can be completed at Oceans Unlimited over two days, with two dives each day. During each of these dives you will be accompanied by a PADI scuba instructor and will have to demonstrate your scuba skills in open water. These are skills that you will have already covered in the pool. You will be practicing different safety techniques and dive planning exercises as well as exploring the local Manuel Antonio reef area and visiting lots of reef fish and creatures.

On completion of your four open water dives you will be certified as a PADI Open water diver and able to scuba dive anywhere in the world.
So sign up today and start exploring the oceans of Costa Rica.

General Information

On completion of your PADI Open Water Program you will be able to dive independently of an instructor, with just a fellow certified open water student or above. We always recommend that you continue your training and keep your skills refreshed. If you would like to always dive with a scuba professional, then a good option is to complete the half certification the PADI scuba diver program, which restricts your depth to 40ft/12m and with which you must always dive with a PADI professional.
All divers under the age of 18 must dive with an adult or guardian at all times.

We are 100% AWARE at Oceans Unlimited. This means that we are committed to Ocean protection and with every PADI course that we run, we donate to Ocean conservation and you receive a special certification card commemerating yours and our dedication to the future of the oceans.

What Next ?

If you would like to make the most of your open water training, you can combine your dives with a Coral Reef conservation program or Buoyancy Specialty, where you can learn more about conserving our underwater environment and interacting passively with its inhabitants.

we are 100% AWARE at Oceans Unlimited