Marine Conservation at Oceans Unlimited

Here at Oceans Unlimited we understand how important it is to be ambassadors for the underwater world. With all of our programs and trips and well as our day to day shop activities, we try to be as ECO aware as possible.
We took that further this year when we became 100% AWARE, meaning that with every scuba diving course taken at Oceans Unlimited, we will make a $10 donation to Project AWARE. A partnership to protect our ocean planet one dive at a time.
As well as this commitment we take part in a number of citizen science projects and run marine conservation programs to educate and encourage all of our divers to be ocean advocates too.


Citizen Science Projects


REEFs mission is to protect biodiversity and ocean life by actively engaging and inspiring the public. Here at Oceans we actively take part in Fish Surveys and counts, uploading the data to REEF to be used around the world looking at diversity and numbers of residents on Coral Reefs.

Billfish Research Project

The Billfish research project is dedicated to the study and understanding of Billfish. As a popular sport fishing destination it is important to ensure that fishin is done sustainable and this project looks at the how the catch affects that fish as well as their movements throughout the year using tagging and behavior studies in conjunction with USC

Coral Watch

Coral Watch is a program that we run on our dives that looks at the health of corals around the world. By looking at color of individual corals and formations and comparing them we can get an indication of how healthy our marine ecosystem is. This is a fun program to take part in and information can be recorded on any fun dives at Oceans.

If you would like to take part in any of these marine conservation and biology projects during a local dive trip please let us know. We would love to have you onboard.

Marine Conservation and Research certification

As part of our mission to be ambassadors for the underwater world, we here at Oceans Unlimited have developed our own program specifically for marine conservation and research. This program serves as an introduction for anyone that has an interest in marine conservation and wants to learn more about how the underwater world works and what we can do to conserve it.
The program looks at ecology and identification of reef fish, invertebrates and corals. In addition to that we look at research and survey techniques for the underwater world and then complete four scuba dives, covering these subjects, at the end of which, you get the chance to set up and complete your own survey.

Prerequisite for this program is any entry level certification. Please enquire for more details