Coastal Tours with Whale watching

Want to see something amazing? Come join us on one of our coastal trips.
We pride ourselves here at Oceans Unlimited of giving you something above and beyond the average so if you want to take a tour with a difference and learn something about our amazing ocean world then this is the tour for you. All of our tours include an educational aspect when you can learn about the oceans, the coast and its amazing inhabitants. If you want to get involved in some citizen science projects than we have that option too.
We have a couple of great options depending on the time of year so check out below what you options are.

Whale watching

Costa Rica is lucky enough to have two whale seasons during the year and you can get to join us on one. Northern humpbacks typically start to arrive in Costa Rica in December and can be seen until around April, while southern ones don’t show up until later in July and stay until the beginning of November. This means that in Costa Rica there is a chance of seeing humpback whales for nine months out of the year. How great is that ?!

Our whale watching tours is not just about going out and finding them. Our guides on the boat have plenty of knowledge and information about the whales so are happy to educate and talk to you about their behavior, biology and conservation issues. If you want to take part in a citizen science project then in addition you can help us by taking pictures of their flukes, and record where we sighted them that we then upload to a worldwide database. What better way to watch whales than when you know you are learning about them and helping contribute to their conservation. 

The tour lasts approximately 2 – 3 hours and is $75 per person.

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Coastal Tours with Snorkeling

Would you like to explore the coast of Manuel Antonio and learn something to? We are offering coastal and snorkeling tours of the Manuel Antonio area throughout the year. When it is whale season we can go out and look for the whales but through the other times of year we are going to explore the coast both above water and below.

We will take you on a tour of the local coastline, during which our guides will talk to you about our local environment and its inhabitants. We will look at some of the local birds that inhabit the Manuel Antonio coastline as well as exploring underwater. When we visit our snorkeling spots, you will learn about the different species of fish, as well as our local reef system and how it is all connected. You will learn about how you can protect and conserve the Ocean and its reef and what things you can do in your everyday life to make a difference.

The tour lasts 2 – 3 hours and includes snacks on the boat and a certified guide. Price is $75 per person.
Please contact us for more details.