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Our Costa Rican Octopus.

If you’re lucky enough, you may spot an octopus in an underwater den, beneath a rock, or inside a crevice on the sea floor of the Manuel Antonio National Park. They’re beautiful, and so exotic— and seem to be the alien prototype. Between the 8 legs, suction cups, changing colors, and bird-beak. They’re weird. So in order [...]

Featuring Rupert– Disabled Divers.

Rupert arrived at the shop with a bright smile, firm handshake, and his own pair of fins. Dive bag slung over his shoulder, Rupert hobbled up the cement stairs; two legs, two different sizes. Lead Instructor JT explained that we would complete an open water certification with a disabled diver; the divemaster team knew that [...]

Scuba Will Heal Your Soul.

But how does this Baptism by saltwater work? Primarily, scuba can physically heal a person. Many disabled partake in scuba for healing purposes. "Once I'm in the water, I feel that there are no limitations for me," Evelyn Felipez, born with spina bifida, says to ABC news. "There's nothing that makes me feel like I [...]

Get to know the Vaquita

Interview With the Vaquita. 1) Your name? My name is Phococena Sinus, or Vaquita for short. In English, my name means small cow. People also call me cochito, or desert porpoise—yes, I am a proud member of the porpoise family. 2) Where are you from? I live in the lagoons of the upper Gulf of [...]

5 Reasons Divemasters are Superheroes.

 1) Super Strength.  The physical condition of divers can become seemingly impeccable; they are constantly swimming. According to, diving burns a moderate to high number of calories and increases cardiovascular endurance. Furthermore, swimming ‘streamlined’ demands the engagement of various muscles-- “Scuba diving allows one to target specific muscle groups particularly in the legs, glutes, [...]

Meet the Eel.

The eel may seem frightening, especially when encountering its barred teeth and apprehensive stare underwater. But underneath the hisses, and bulging eyes, lies an intriguing character— there’s a lot more to the eel than meets the eye. What, exactly, is an eel? There are over 400 eel species. Their long, narrow bodies closely resemble an [...]

Deptherapy – Teaching Scuba Diving to People with Different-abilities

On the 8th of April 2015, Oceans Unlimited, a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, became the first scuba diving center in Costa Rica to host a Deptherapy Instructor Course.  Deptherapy is a unique branch of scuba training that enables people with a wide range of disabilities and impairments to learn to scuba dive. [...]

Divemaster to Instructor… And so it begins

When I started out on my travels 7 month ago I really didn't think that by the time I returned home to England I would have progressed with my PADI learning. There was obviously something in the water!  Having just completed my Divemaster course I was excited to look for work in my native Cornwall as well as other, [...]

Earth Day 2015: What can Divers do to Help the Marine Environment?

Since the first Earth Day in 1970, over 192 countries worldwide have joined in the movement to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Being that the ocean accounts for 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, it only makes sense that we use this day to shed light on marine issues locally, as well as globally. It [...]

Harlequin Shrimp: Small but Fierce

  Peering into a crevice, you stumble upon what looks to be a beautiful underwater flower. Taking a closer look, you notice it has legs and its holding a starfish captive. What is this unique little creature? It’s a Harlequin shrimp, also known as Hymenocera picta. These flamboyant shrimp can be found in tropical waters of [...]