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Wow – Why do I feel so thirsty, hungry and tired after a dive ?

Have you come off of a scuba dive before and had that feeling that you are ready to eat the biggest plate of food possible ? You get some grub, sit down for a moment, eat, and then boom! All you want to do is sleep. Sound familiar? Even if you haven't been scuba diving [...]

Come join our PADI IDC in June

Want to live the dream and become a PADI scuba diving instructor? We are holding our next instructor development course here in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica starting June 19th. Our Scuba instructor program includes a FREE IDC prep course, a free MSDT prep course, marketing and job search help as well as diving throughout the [...]

Striking one off of the bucket list

This past week we were lucky enough to take George diving. He is a T-10 paraplegic that has always wanted to scuba dive and with our new center located in the Marina Pez Vela in Quepos, we have a fully accessible class, center and dive boat. With our adaptive teaching program, and adaptive teaching instructor [...]

Animals in Captivity …?

While checking the news this morning I stumbled upon an article about one of the Killer Whales that is being kept in captivity at SeaWorld. Here is the article Tilikum . I started doing some research on keeping these amazing creatures in tanks. The studies don't seem to good for the whales, and a main example is [...]


The oceans are home to thousands of creatures of all shapes, sizes, and colours. One small, but magnificent creature is the boxfish. As the name suggests, they are shaped like boxes and are generally 2-18 inches in length depending on age. They are poisonous and when threatened secrete proteins from their skin called "ostracitoxin" which [...]


I've found this really awesome site about Manta Rays. I'm generally more interested in the small creatures of the world, however, sometimes it's nice to pay some attention to the big creatures of the sea. I've pulled some information from the website for you here, however if you are interested in learning more, please go to [...]

Moray Eels

The other day I went for some fun dives to take some footage to share with everyone. It's been my good fortune that I can't seem to win the battle with the technology needed to share those images with you. I haven't given up yet but wanted to share something with you in the mean [...]

Interesting Facts on Parrotfish!

Parrotfish: Scaridae Size: two and one half foot (bumped) to the one foot (loose tooth) Swim using pectoral fins,  very similar to wrasses   Feeding: They use powerful jaws (beaks); where they get the name "parrot"fish from Their beaks are used to scrape algae and coral polyps from hard substrates They digest the polyps which [...]

Interesting Facts About the Mantis Shrimp

    Odontodactylus scyllarus Actually not a shrimp more of crustacean similar to a shrimp Length: 10cm-33cm 450 different species of mantis shrimp Habitat: Tropical and subtropical oceans in the Indian and Pacific ocean. Stay hidden in holes and burrows, exit to feed and relocate Diet: Hunt prey which include: fish, crabs, worms and other [...]

Visual Inspection Courses now available at Oceans Unlimited

Great news here at Oceans Unlimited in Costa Rica. We are now able to offer certification in cylinder visual inspection. With our years of experience in all manner of scuba equipment servicing and maintenance we are thrilled to be able to add the CTS certification to our repetoire of courses. This one day course is [...]