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Moray Eels

The other day I went for some fun dives to take some footage to share with everyone. It's been my good fortune that I can't seem to win the battle with the technology needed to share those images with you. I haven't given up yet but wanted to share something with you in the mean [...]

Interesting Facts on Parrotfish!

Parrotfish: Scaridae Size: two and one half foot (bumped) to the one foot (loose tooth) Swim using pectoral fins,  very similar to wrasses   Feeding: They use powerful jaws (beaks); where they get the name "parrot"fish from Their beaks are used to scrape algae and coral polyps from hard substrates They digest the polyps which [...]

Interesting Facts About the Mantis Shrimp

    Odontodactylus scyllarus Actually not a shrimp more of crustacean similar to a shrimp Length: 10cm-33cm 450 different species of mantis shrimp Habitat: Tropical and subtropical oceans in the Indian and Pacific ocean. Stay hidden in holes and burrows, exit to feed and relocate Diet: Hunt prey which include: fish, crabs, worms and other [...]

Visual Inspection Courses now available at Oceans Unlimited

Great news here at Oceans Unlimited in Costa Rica. We are now able to offer certification in cylinder visual inspection. With our years of experience in all manner of scuba equipment servicing and maintenance we are thrilled to be able to add the CTS certification to our repetoire of courses. This one day course is [...]

Cetacean Populations in Costa Rica

    Some people are fortunate enough to get the chance to see cetaceans in Costa Rica. The question is, what can we do to make cetacean spotting’s more frequent? Let us begin with some basic facts.   So what is a Cetacean?   A major group of marine mammals: dolphins, porpoises, and whales   [...]

Our Costa Rican Octopus.

If you’re lucky enough, you may spot an octopus in an underwater den, beneath a rock, or inside a crevice on the sea floor of the Manuel Antonio National Park. They’re beautiful, and so exotic— and seem to be the alien prototype. Between the 8 legs, suction cups, changing colors, and bird-beak. They’re weird. So in order [...]

Featuring Rupert– Disabled Divers.

Rupert arrived at the shop with a bright smile, firm handshake, and his own pair of fins. Dive bag slung over his shoulder, Rupert hobbled up the cement stairs; two legs, two different sizes. Lead Instructor JT explained that we would complete an open water certification with a disabled diver; the divemaster team knew that [...]

Scuba Will Heal Your Soul.

But how does this Baptism by saltwater work? Primarily, scuba can physically heal a person. Many disabled partake in scuba for healing purposes. "Once I'm in the water, I feel that there are no limitations for me," Evelyn Felipez, born with spina bifida, says to ABC news. "There's nothing that makes me feel like I [...]

Get to know the Vaquita

Interview With the Vaquita. 1) Your name? My name is Phococena Sinus, or Vaquita for short. In English, my name means small cow. People also call me cochito, or desert porpoise—yes, I am a proud member of the porpoise family. 2) Where are you from? I live in the lagoons of the upper Gulf of [...]

5 Reasons Divemasters are Superheroes.

 1) Super Strength.  The physical condition of divers can become seemingly impeccable; they are constantly swimming. According to, diving burns a moderate to high number of calories and increases cardiovascular endurance. Furthermore, swimming ‘streamlined’ demands the engagement of various muscles-- “Scuba diving allows one to target specific muscle groups particularly in the legs, glutes, [...]