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The view from Above, An afternoon with the our boat captain…

Jan, 12. working as skipper almost daily. This afternoon was amazing.
1st dive. Punto quepos. 35-65ft of water. 15 min. into dive. My self
as capt. I was thinking of my divers and their safety!  as always,
When I was startled by aloud noise. sounded like a scuba tank
releasing  air. i jumped up, turned around from the bridge and saw an
unforgetable  site. 100ft away of the stern was a humpbackwhale taken
a breath of air before lifting its tail and descending into the debth.
Having years of cruising under my belt. This was one experience that
will 4ever be rememberd, and cherished. Thinking of diving Manuel Antonio?  Do it.
Totally different than the rest. Very safe and proffesional Today was
unforgetable. You only Live once. Take with you 4ever your experience.

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  1. Angel
    March 12, 2012 at 11:19 PM · Reply

    The PADI or NAUI course unamal is a waste of money to buy. If he takes the course it’s included and there’s no point really in studying ahead, as it really need to be gone through in a class room environment anyway. They also don’t cover some aspects, like gear types and manufacturers for example. There are a number of books about scuba diving on the market, both about real divers, like The Last Dive (excellent read) and Diver Down (accident prevention) Travel books like The Scuba Diver’s Companion, listing dive sites and facilities world wide. A good general one is The Scuba Diving Handbook, a guide to salt and fresh water diving. These are just a few of the ones I have kicking around on my shelves. If you really want to get serious and you think this pal might get into advanced diving later on, there’s always the USN Diver Manual. It’s usually a little hard to find an updated copy, but it covers just about every aspect on diving, diving medicine,mixed gas procedures, saturation diving and a slew of everything else. It’s NOT light reading. Good luck and hope your pal takes the plunge and visits MY office.

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